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Tuesday, April 03, 2018

BELLEVUE, WA, April 3, 2018 – Radiant Logistics, Inc. (NYSE American: RLGT), a third-party logistics and multimodal transportation services company, today announced the appointment of Jennifer Paige Deenihan as Director of Marketing and Communications with oversight of the Company’s multi-brand strategy and corporate communications efforts. Ms. Deenihan will report to Chief Commercial Officer, Arnold Goldstein.

Thursday, February 08, 2018

BELLEVUE, WA February 8, 2018 – Radiant Logistics, Inc. (NYSE American: RLGT), a third-party logistics and multi-modal transportation services company, today reported financial results for the three and six months ended December 31, 2017.

North American Transportation Services
National Presence Radiant Global Logistics provides a wide range of time definite services throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. As a premier provider of air, land (surface) and rail service, Radiant Global Logistics is uniquely qualified to deliver the highest quality of service while maximizing every transportation dollar invested. Expedited or deferred, a wide and varied inventory of service options is available to you and your customer. RGL's extensive and highly qualified service center network is second to none and staffed with highly qualified personnel with local, national and global knowledge. At Radiant Global Logistics we find ways to say "yes".

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  • Same Day
    Designed for shipments with the highest level of priority and urgency. Service may be provided by air or surface. Selection of this Radiant Global Logistics service assures the fastest delivery of product to virtually any North American location.
  • Express (Next Day)
    This time specific priority service assures next day delivery to most North American cities.
  • Standard Service (2 days)
    Selection of RGL's 'Second Day Air Service' assures delivery on, or before, the second business day (excluding weekends and holidays) and prior to 5PM (local destination time). This service is available to most North American cities.
  • 3 Day Air Service
    This deferred service assures that delivery of product will be made within three business days (excluding weekends and holidays) to essentially every city in North America.
  • Economy Service
    RGL's economy air service provides exceptional value with delivery of all shipments within five business days (excluding weekends and holiday) to virtually every North American city.
  • Full Service Air Charter (Domestic and Worldwide
    Radiant Global Logistics Charter arranges and coordinates aircraft charter services for shipments with unique time, dimensional shape, handling, weight, security and destination considerations. The Radiant Global Logistics Charter team will arrange exclusive use of charter aircraft of any size or configuration (Cessna, Lear, Convair, Boeing, Douglas among others).
  • Express LTL, FTL, and LCL Trucking Services
    Radiant Global Logistics provides our customer with individually tailored and customized service options based on a clear understanding of the customer's business model and product flow requirements. Radiant Global Logistics aggressively assembles both surface and air partners to provide unlimited capacity, consistent and predictable transit schedules and the greatest flexibility in pricing and value. These less-than-truckload, full truckload and less-than-container load express trucking services are absent of any weight, dimensional or transit restrictions.
  • Door to Door
    Radiant Global Logistics offers competitively priced ground and air service from point of assembly, or manufacturer, to final end user.
  • Door to Airport
    This time specific priority service is assured next day delivery to most North American cities.
  • Airport to Door
    Radiant Global Logistics provides inter-port transportation and transfer services for air shipments regardless of size, weight, dimension or product description.
  • Airport to Airport
    This time specific priority service is assured next day delivery to most North American cities.
  • Radiant Global Logistics Specialized Truck Services
    Radiant Global Logistics provides surface transportation solutions with the largest capacity and lift options available. Radiant Global Logistics Specialized Services assures the greatest flexibility in pricing, transit, tracking and overall value.
  • Refrigerated
    Perishable, temperature controlled, environmentally sensitive, Radiant Global Logistics has a solution.
  • Rollerbed
    Aircraft containers, GOH containers or pallets are efficiently coordinated by RGL's Specialized Truck Services team.
  • Flatbed
    A wide range of flat bed services is available, including, but not limited to, heavy load decks, wide load service (including escort services), drop deck, tarped and covered and soft-side flatbeds.
  • Air Ride
    Specialized air ride trailer service is available for motion sensitive product to essentially any North American location.
  • Oversized
    Oversized and restricted service is available through RGL's Specialized Services Group.
  • Road/Rail
    A full menu of road/rail, piggyback and intermodal service is available through the Radiant Global Logistics Specialized team.
  • Liftgate
    Control, security, care and product sensitivity are efficiently managed through an expansive network of lift gate services to and from door or airport.
  • Intermodal Services
    Fully integrated intermodal and piggyback services are available with a tracing and tracking system and schedule flexibility second to none.